We have a winner!

As a kid, I listened to WDRC radio in Hartford, Ct. Every time they gave away something to the 5th caller,  they would play a little effect on the air to tell people to stop calling.
Spelled out, it sounded something like: "Budeleeblip, we have a winner"


BUDELEEBLIP, we have a winner!

Our website/blog follower, Nina Zacuto, was drawn from among the confetti of names thrown into a basket of Ugandan origin (no kidding!), to receive a Think Tank Rotation 360!

Nina is a retired television producer who spent 25 years at NBC News who has returned to photography, her passion since she was 16. She is now working on her second career doing photography and multimedia shooting for non-profits in the L.A. area.

Congratulations, Nina!

Be sure to check out Nina’s work at http://ninazacutophotography.com.

Thanks so much to all of you who entered and for all of your comments and support.

Just a reminder that we are nearing the deadline of June 3, for signups in the workshop and still need a few more folks before we reach the crucial minimum number. We feel like we have found some great organizations to work with to provide a truly real-world photographic experience, so if you have been holding off, now is the time to jump in with both feet.

We also want to thank Brian at Think Tank Photo for providing the backpack for the giveaway. Even if you weren't a sponsor, We'd think you rock!

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