Looking for Play

After school program Kampala, Uganda
      All of the places I have been has shown me how people serve people all over the world.

      Foreigners and locals working together to serve those around them to try and make life a little better, to make a difference. In that process I have witnessed probably thousands of kids in dozens of sets of challenging circumstances due to station, and circumstance both natural and man-made.
Soccer in an empty pool Kosovar refugee camp, Albania

      I discovered something simple about those kids in the process of discovering smiles, laughter and play.

      Kids truly are kids world-wide.  They need food, they need care, they need guidance, but they will find play, regardless of circumstance, they do chores, they help to carry a parent's burden, deep down they may be living a difficult existence, but they will find the laughter in a refugee camp or a hospital, a barrio or a village.
Playground in the barrio, Guaymas, Mexico

Many places,
childrens faces.
in many languages,
they play,
they laugh,
they shout,
Children's association, Bungwe, Rwanda
they love.
Their stomachs are not full
their clothes are traditional
or not,
old and worn,
but still they laugh,
play and shout.
They inspire me as I listen and witness. 
We watch,
we laugh
we delight.
Children are the same all over the world
They are resilient beyond our own recall.
Under most any circumstance,
they look for play
They are poor but often they don't know it.
they look for play
they are removed from their homes
but they look for play.
Summer camp kids in their home, Guaymas, Mexico

Restored kindergarten classes, Yerevan, Armenia

Playground equipment, Western Guatemala

Vocational training while niece hangs out, Guatemala

Summer school program, Guaymas, Mexico

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