Providing hope to patients

The organizations we hope to help with this workshop includes several full-service medical clinics. 

Hope Clinic

Lukuli  (Kampala suburb)
Hope Clinic is a 24-hour charitable health center serving the community in general primary health care situated in the village of Lukuli, a suburb of Kampala, on the shores of and overlooking Lake Victoria.  The clinic and NGO were founded ten years ago to deal with many health issues including immunizations, general illnesses/outpatient care, maternal and neo-natal care to name a few. Its founders and owners all live in the community near the clinic and in 2005 built and opened a larger facility.  As a visitor you will find a charitable health center serving the community in general primary health care.  Many of the 1,000 patients served per month walk to the clinic from the surrounding 2 miles and they range from new mothers with babies strapped to their waist, older relatives bringing grandchildren for care, to youthful students from the nearby colleges and ‘families’ of mothers, children, new babies, older boys and husbands.  

The Agatha Foundation Medical Center 
(Via Project C.U.R.E.)

Based on the humble background, Ronald and Agatha Wakyereza grew up looking after siblings and parents. Once married, the couple continued supporting family, including 13 adults, in food, housing, healthcare and school fees. They realized the need not only their family faced, but the community around them and created the Agatha Foundation.
A grass-roots, faith-based organization, The Agatha Foundation operates four clinics in the Jinja region providing access to general healthcare and specialties including, dental, maternity, obstetrics, and orthopedics, as well as diagnostics ranging from x-ray to Doppler ultrasound.
In an effort to provide solutions to reducing poverty, the foundation also provides educational support, helping children who are orphaned and of disadvantaged families to get an education. This support covers all grade levels including vocational and sometimes college.


Rapha Health Clinic Via Project C.U.R.E.

Kyanja (Kampala suburb)

     Rapha is a private health care business that was established by a team of young Ugandan doctors and entrepreneurs to provide affordable healthcare to the community. The for-profit center uses part of its proceeds to support the Kyanja Community Health Center which serves a community where people 80 percent of the population earns less than $3 per day. The center provides general healthcare services that are often not available to the poor in the community, treating for malaria, respiratory diseases, malnutrition, diahorreal diseases and dehydration as well as providing immunizations and health counseling. They are upgrading their dental center and are looking to set up an antenatal clinic and delivery ward (about 6 beds). Volunteers from the community help to build these facilities.
They also offer health education to the community and have been supporting the more elderly members of the community with general health checks and supplies such as adult diapers.

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